Get Familiar: Los Angeles’ DJ EL DOPA


DJ El Dopa – born Ben Klinger – is committed to the belief that quality music can make anything better. And quality music comes in many different forms, from all corners of the world. DJing since ’97, El Dopa’s knowledge and breadth of musical selections run deep, but his approach to DJing goes beyond the music to the people. With a degree in Sociology and emphasis in Ethnomusicology from UC Irvine, his keen understanding of people and the role music  plays in our lives gives him a huge advantage in using music to touch, move, and awaken people. The filmmaker Roberto Rossilini once said his role as an artist wasn’t necessarily to entertain, but to awaken one’s consciousness. Coincidentally, Ben’s DJ name comes from the movie Awakenings, in which the dopamine-derived drug “L-Dopa” is used by Dr. Oliver Sacks to “awaken” his patients from their listless state.

Radio, clubs, bars, concert venues, restaurants, hotels, art openings, & house parties are some of the places where Ben has worked his musical magic over the years, from his native Los Angeles to Miami, New York, Vegas, San Francisco, Austin, Houston, Denver, and even overseas in London and Brazil. In 2012, El Dopa embarked on a Brazilian tour, playing 4 parties in 3 cities, including Sao Paulo & Rio de Janeiro. He’s also produced, managed, & licensed music projects on a national scale for brands such as Lexus, Casio, and Scion. Some may know El Dopa as half of the MC/DJ duo Millionaires Using Coupons, who just released Vol. 3 in their themed mixtape series…this one about The Big Lebowski.

El Dopa is an avid researcher and advocate for the therapeutic use of music as medicine and in healing, recovery, teaching, and overall well-being.

We’re very excited to welcome him as our next featured guests for FEx Foreign Exchange on August 3rd.

Check out some links to El Dopa’s offerings:

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