FEX Turns 8 with a celebration in our sweet home, Chicago.


Disclaimer: I’ve been drinking… 🙂


Remember being 8? Walking to school alone, maybe? Possibly having a crush on someone, whose name you still remember (Carmen Cotto)? For me, it was a time of me coming into my own. I had a few spelling bee wins, good grades, learned to rock a few moves on the floor, discovered baseball and I got my hands on my first tape recorder (In my eyes, this is when I first became a DJ).

Life was good but life was also rough in Chi. My mother had just given birth to her 3rd son and, well…Papi wasn’t around so that meant that I had to grow up quickly. A lot of things weren’t fair at that age but with the help and strength of my mama, we kept it moving.

As things have a way of coming full circle, we find FEX turning 8. As during my childhood, 8 is again good and the sense of accomplishment is there but, of course, challenges exist. We live in different cities, members have shifted away to focus on their own individual projects. It’s offered me some time and space for solid growth but the thought of moving on, away from FEX enters my mind. I could focus on the challenges of being in a new place and leave the past in the past. Many amazing things have happened in Chicago’s nightlife scene so there is almost no more real reason to keep the torch ablaze; but…

The fire still burns.

In the words of Mano:

“Celebrating 8 years of FEX – music that spawns from all corners of the globe and circulates throughout different societies, urban tribes and cultural enclaves is what drives the sonic aspect of foreign exchanges (in my mind). When I was first introduced to the concept of FEX nearly eight years ago, it opened my eyes to the many facets of global music movements. It connected me with individuals and crews from around the world that I wouldn’t have connected with otherwise. I’ve built with folks upon the concept of foreign exchange, and continue to exchange words, music, culture and thoughts with these individuals. I continue to travel the world and have global sounds take me to places inspired by this global/tropical/bass music movement. Much gratitude to the gathering of people at FEX, and to the catalyst that is FEX…”

We’re still bringing people together and spaces like this are still very much needed in Chicago. This our our contribution back to our birthplace, this is our creative outlet, this is in many ways our very being and connection through music.

The purpose is real so Chicago…let’s dance. We hope to see you here on Saturday, July 29th 2017.

– NewLife

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