shazam bangles

Get Familiar: Shazam Bangles

Born during a visionary era in Chicago’s underground DJ culture, Shazam Bangles is a crossfade renegade and record junkie.  In his teenage years, Bangles was…


Vivian y Armando – Loc@ (Afroqbano Remix)

Afroqbano, with a really smooth Brasilo-Afro-Caribe-Latino (yes, I do hear all of that in there) remix of Vivian y Armando’s “Loc@” tune…Get to his…



Official Releases


MC Zulu – Outlaw Speakerbox (Anthology)

The connection between all things Electronica and Dancehall was established as early as 1986 with Sly & Robbie’s innovative release “Electro Reggae”. In the…

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